The Black & White Towers

Just finished working on an image for Ronen’s mini challenge. Check it out here .

The aim was to take a fairly raw render and see how we could achieve a final presentation  visual in a short time using the “whatever works – 75%-25%” method. A phrase used by a LUXIGON member but probably used by other Studios too. The tower is provided by Ronen.B W view 1

The raw renders were all at 4k and took 1 hour to render.

First two raw renders consists of four basic Vray mtl’s. Using a white, black diffuse. A tiled texture for the middle ground and a glass mtl for the windows.  Reason for two renders? well after half way of PP , I realized that if the building is situated in a populated city area then it would need reflections of other area buildings. I considered the amount it would take to do it manually in PS but decided to take the 3d approach and it took 15min.  (This is excluding render time ,however if it was thought of in the original render time then it would be a time saver.) I just instanced the original B&W towers and changed their positions and heights. I also created another tower on the right. Only Just the front section, by creating one floor then instancing around 40 times.

I tried experimenting with different noise levels for the curvature of the window reflections but it wasn’t working, hence it was done in PS. Trees and people were provided free of charge by VYONYX!, very cool of them. The rest are just images from google that were cut out in PS. I did not used any plugins to create any effects it was was all done by hand?, even down to that lens flare. Which is now saved to be re used later!.

What do I think of this kind of style?. It’s actually a great method because you can create great visuals in a day. But with proper planning it can be even easier especially if textures are used for difficult areas.

Check out the high resolution on my Flickr account. —–>

Low resolution file of the above to see the rough process.

PP = Post production. > PS = Photoshop >.


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