Apples process paper

This is a rough process of how I made the Apples in water.
below is the raw render but as you can see from the actual file I did some color correction in PS just for excitement purposes.

I already had a the apples so I won’t go into that but to create the water I had a base mesh in max which was taken into Zbrush to be abused!!. But for the droplets I had to have an easier solution. Trying to make droplets in max is so boring! without having Realflow etc. So below is the method I worked out. Simple and very fast, it involves using Zbrush 4 sketch method. As there is no texturing involved and I can make splashes in 15min+.

For the water droplets on the apples. All I did was create some rough spheres and used FFD modifier on them to randomize it. I used Particle Flow to place the droplets on the apples!. What a time saver. Make sure to change the PFLOW to show geometry. I had boxes in the first render well Square droplets!.

Tiny bubbles everywhere!. Also I made the “water” into proxies because the obj file was heavy from max. As I instanced droplet sections a number of times.Light was simple. Two lights on the top, one below and one on the right hand side.

3 thoughts on “Apples process paper

  1. Very interesting – I use photoshop to experiment with values in photos and for painting, but only in the most basic way – what you do is impressive – especially the water effects.

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