So the addiction has not subsided and hence I have been doing some more digital paintings. The lady with the dress was a challenge and I could not get the face correct. The blame partly lies with using a small photo reference which meant guessing had to occur. That would be fine if one is a master anatomy artist, I am not there yet but hopefully better my self with more education. To correct the mistakes I created an imaginary distraction of the background image. Does it help? I am not sure but it does fill in the empty spaces. šŸ™‚

The first image was fun, but again how to draw or paint hair? do I just splash in the highlights and that should give the affirmation of solidity?. I can actually say the hair is not sharp enough and appears blurry. I do admit this must be due to using various brushes to try and shorten the time span of painting in the hair. A different approach needs to be looked at. However this is a finished image and I won’t try and rectify it but will leave it open for the future.

Both images were drawn from references.

Click to enlarge

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