Addiction or improvement?, Here is my next project that took nearly a week to do. Why?… I had exhausted a day trying to get a facial match but I ended up with many faces!. Until I researched some methods which then helped me to get a better understand of drawing. This is not the final version but around 95% completed. I left it because as I found out that for personal work it is great, but apart from that referencing from a photo that does not belong to “you”, that’s just copyright. Unless of course you get the photographers permission. Lesson learned.

(update : process of completion)

Click on the images to enlarge.

This is a step by step process. I should have saved the ones before but I normally work on a couple of layers. This is one did have a few layers for the hair. Risky doing it only on one. 🙂 Enjoy

Note : Referenced from a photo.

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