Day & Night

I realised that I have never done a colour portrait and hence a colour one. This one was challenging as the methods used in the previous one did not work. Skin varies in colour which means that you can end up with multiple tones not just in gradation but also temperature value. (ouch!). How did I manage do this some how?. Best method that I could think of is using opacity and flow differentiations in the brush settings that helped in blending. I am not a fan of the smudge tool as I’d rather try and keep it natural.

Staring at the image for a long time I began to hate it, so I decided to give her a hidden persona. Hence the title.

Click on the images to enlarge.

day and night
The process sheet below. As you can see I try and work out my color from the image but sometimes I did use the color picker especially when I was having problems with the blend. I still had to adjust it slightly after the picker.


Painted from a photo reference.

Enjoy 🙂

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