Covered with Ambiguity : Fashion Illustration

Fashion Model is || Alanna – Photographer Erwin Loewen

Click on the images to enlarge ( when you click on it, it will load the image then click again to see the full image )

Here we go again!. Hi, before I ramble, first a quick thank you to the subscribers and Erwin for letting me use the photo.

Do we begin at the end or do we end at the start?. The struggles of creation, an idea that was meant to be a few hours turned out to be a few days. I started of with a cleaned up sketch ( see below ) and had aimed to make a simple illustration. There was no intent to even draw the visible figure but just the facial section, after much experimenting I was heading no where, however I figured after loads of deletion ( restarted the work ) that failures do not mean failing but rather steps of education to make something better. As I had previously practiced  learning realism I could not let it go and again followed in that direction. But creating a copy of photo is bland, hence creativity had to be explored. The background of the color images where something I had previously done for an exhibition, but now laying dormant, I had to re use them. (as a test ). Through that experiment I came to the above result, obviously repainting and editing continuously. I also edited a previously finished piece just to see my new direction.

Apologies if the images are small and lack quality, Compressing then scaling them causes resolution issues.

The process is lacking depth as It was never planned to be as detailed but became that way. Thanks and enjoy. 🙂

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