london olympics 2012 posters.

Chichipa (Ririo)

If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed. Einstein

I came across the recently published London Olympic posters and I thought like many %%$^%$^%*%^*%, yes, I did!. I liked two of them but I expected something great. You can Google them and see for your self. They have all been sold out and seeing how much they were priced, I can say some people must have been darn happy. So I figured let me do some too!. Anyone wants to buy them for 350 stirling!!! for a print like the ones mentioned before. haha I think…

I also realised if one is “famous” then giving meaning to a line on paper has some weight, I wonder if my versions hold any weight? or rather do they work?  Whether they do or not hope you enjoy them.

Still have a few to finish, will post them later.

You now buy them here  

click to enlarge.

17 thoughts on “london olympics 2012 posters.

    • Thank you.
      Yeah I wanted see if a visual identity could be created following the simplistic nature of the originals. I suppose many designers felt left out, its the nature of the industry.

  1. Wow. Yours are way better than the ones they chose. Shame on ‘the nature of the industry’ that leaves out, too many times, good professional designers.

  2. Where can we get these? SO much more interesting than the trite offerings of the ‘official’ artists for 2012.
    Well done

    • Hi,
      WoW, thanks for asking. Looking a the IOC site I would need a license to sell these or they will come and steal my soul! I will shortly contact them and if allowed, I shall organize some prints. Will post an update. Thank you. 🙂

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