Christmas cards

Picharakawa ( Ignaciano | Bolivia | Beni region. )

What I dream of is an art of balance. Henri Matisse

Holidays are coming, minds are at unrest, time seems to slip away but everyone is hoping to be remembered. I had some ideas for Christmas cards but it just would not work as E-cards as It was material and texture based.  So I made a few suitable variations and If any one feels that they are good enough to share with your friends, then do so. ( for free ) Suggestions would be e-cards to home prints. Do remember there are many celebrations through out the year in many countries and faiths. So lets enjoy and respect each other in their celebrations. Happy holidays all.

NB – Share = Free = 🙂

christmas cards 2011christmas cards 2011christmas cards 2011christmas card 2011 kate perry

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