Kia ora – ( greetings Maori )

“We dream of flying because we want to be free. Now imagine all those, just like you, are wishing to fly. The world is big, but we just make it small.”

First, I must do a memory clearance. Quizoxy awarded me the versatile award ages ago and I totally forgot. So a BIG THANKS to him/her and I will follow up on it sometime. I found the photo below whilst looking through my folders, it is related to an image I drew, you can read more about it here. Click me. Chantele, the owner of the model agency wanted to use the image including an animation I did. Not sure if she ever used it, but it looks like the image was used on some biscuits!. Wonder how?????. I also joined twitter, some cool stuff to read on it. Join me or visa versa.

The rest of the images are just some test renders I have been working on. I wonder if anyone can understand what the last images is suppose to show.

thanks and enjoy. 🙂

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