When there is need of silence, you speak, and when there is need of speech, you are dumb;
when you are present, you wish to be absent, and when absent, you desire to be present;
in peace you are for war, and in war you long for peace;
in council you descant on bravery, and in the battle you tremble.

It seems that many, have left theirย  voices of goodness, hidden behind the fear perpetuated by society, nations, groups and people. I realise many have a construed view of reality, truth and honesty it self has and is being used only for personal gain, where necessary, rather then for the actual good. Lets hope, 2014 is where we ascend as real human beings, and not degrade our self into immorality, help one another, be the voice of truth and goodness. I wish you all a positive year where truths are searched and found, where the eyes are fully opened and the voices begin to speak. Let us remember those who have gone, are and shall come. Everything has an end, but lets make it a good ending.

A few personal images that I worked on. I had aimed to produce at least ten different shots, but not too pleased with the results of some. ( File issues ), and will address them later on.ย  The first one was meant to be a day shot, as can be seen from the original 3d result, but I decided to address it with the new year theme.


2014 new year

HN 2014 grain samar h small 2HN 2014 grain samar h small before

Thanks and enjoy. ๐Ÿ™‚

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