Werte ( Greeting in  Arrernte)

Fear is regressive, anger aggressive. Fear is contractile, anger expansive.

Having not posted in a while, I decided that something must be done!. These recent images were referenced from photos, as I am trying my best to produce realistic renders. I am quite pleased with the results as I did not do much post production, and each image took a day including rendering. Apart from the last night shot, it still looks poor, possibly because I only used one light source, the lamp. I went for a super realistic effect and could have done more in post.  Will look into it further.

Thanks and enjoy. 🙂


Samar quick4a

Samar quick3

Samar quick2

Samar quick5

9 thoughts on “Light.

  1. love the 1st & 3rd, the 3rd one’s mood is stronger. perhaps I’m a fan of raw materials 😜. that would be perfect if those chair are the real jean prouve’s one

    • Thanks for the input, always interesting too see how others perceive my images. Mood is something that I am looking into, one can add emotion to it.

  2. These are awesome! I love how you capture the colors…especially the red. Light is a perfect title for this post. The first picture- the way you capture the white- wow! You are very talented. Thank you so much for sharing.

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