Macro & Beyond.

Buaregh ( hello in Southern Sámi )

In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act. : George Orwell

Before I head into what is below, I must consider what is above and I believe that one should speak, as all should, regarding the current oppressive and tyrannical treatment of the Palestinians at the behest of the regime, named israel.  Having seen plenty of comments on twitter and the news – a propaganda machine, that constantly spins the notion of a super race and the dehumanizing of other religions, groups, colors, creed to progress its own ideals. The idea of total submission to their rule. Though, unknown to the general populace, due to their own ignorance and inferiority in observing and seeking truth, taking the Media and their politicians as the authority, believing in labels given to them by others and in general, the weakness and selfishness in speaking the truth.  Too many, are afraid to voice, in fear of losing their positions, thus proving, their own admittance at the corrupt authority we all are under.

I suggest a further reading here Norman Finkelstein   and also google this doctor Mads Gilbert.

Back to my  Macro photographs. I am sharing a few images that I have taken over a week, and I must admit, Macro and super Macro is exciting. From the details, to embracing one self into new worlds is an amazing experience. Considering what I am showing, measured from one inch to 5-millimeters. However this is pain staking work, especially when using it with out a tripod. I am not faking* the images, but going into the garden, and seeking hidden gems in the mangrove of weeds.

*Faking denotes, Studio setup – creating a light box, with fake backgrounds, and photographic the natural elements. ( putting the flower or bug in to the light box )


9 thoughts on “Macro & Beyond.

  1. Thats true Irene, the dilemma is , whether we want the images to show better or text. I find images seem to be more colorful and clear on a dark background and the trick is to use pastel colors for the text. Although I use a IPS monitor, the background is actually a value of dark gray, but I believe for general users many do not have monitors that artists or photographers use. Thanks for the tip, I will consider alternatives.

  2. your statements are heartfelt and needing to be listened to by those with whom dialogue is not only possible, but eagerly sought after. as much as we think matters have deteriorated past all hope of dialogue, we must then realise that only through these avenues is rapprochement even remotely possible. the world is listening for the sounds of conciliation on both sides, if only opening the door just a crack. we must pray for softening hearts and listening ears, as I also will pray for your people. your photographs take us into another world–so tiny and intricate.

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