Annyeong-hasimnikka – Hello in Korean.

An Example of the Philosophical Argument for the Existence of the Creator

This argument depends on the following three principles. The first is the axiom which asserts that every effect has a cause from which it derives its existence. This is a truth which man perceives intuitively and which scientific induction confirms. The second is the principle which asserts that whatever differing degrees of possibility, fullness and perfection exist, it is impossible for the less possible, less complete or less perfect to be the cause of that which is higher than itself. The third principle is the assertion that matter, in its continuous evolution, assumes various levels of change and intensity. 

To recapitulate, these are the three problems with which we have been concerned:

1. Every effect has a cause.

2. The lower cannot be the cause of something higher than itself, with regard to degrees of being.

3. The diversity of degrees of being in this universe and the variety in its form are qualitative.

Just an Extract, further reading can be held if the above link is clicked to boggle ones mind.

Here are some new renders. I went for a nice muted feel for most of them. The best part is, I did a few minutes of post work, to bring some colors and contrast. Which means the lighting or mood was correct from the 3d set up. Yippiee!







Hay 4 Ray Lounge s


Hay 1

Hay5Thanks and Enjoy 🙂

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