4 Days


We are too easily inclined to confuse the idea of truth in a subjective and in an
objective sense. A German proverb says, ” Children and fools speak the truth,” and with it goes
the old ” In vino Veritas.” Of course, no one -can suppose that children, fools, and tipsy men have
a deeper insight into true relations than the sober and grown-up remainder of mankind. What is
meant is only that all the motives are lacking which, in our social turmoil, may lead others to the
intentional hiding of the truth. Children do not suppress the truth, because they are naive; the
fools do not suppress it, because they are reckless; and the mind under the influence of wine does not
suppress it, because the suppressing mechanism of inhibition is temporarily paralysed by alcohol.

Here are some recent works. Took about four days in total from start to complete. They were referenced from existing photographs. Wires Below.

Samar_FHansen copy SMALL 1Samar_Tashiro SMALL3Samar_Kitchen

Wire below. 3dsmax.

Samar_FHansen copy SMALL 1 wire Samar_Tashiro SMALL3 wireThanks and enjoy. 🙂

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