Bubble me serious.

Mat an traoù ganeoc’h? ( greeting in Breton )

A motive, no matter at what conscious, subconscious, or unconscious level of the personality it
may be active, after its genesis, tends to express itself by forcing into consciousness sensations of exogenous origin or sensory images of endogenous origin which have the function of generating counter, neutralising reactions. ”  ambivalency gives to the same idea two contrary feeling tones and invests the same thought simultaneously with both a positive and a negative character,” while ambitendency ets free with every tendency a counter tendency. ‘ This means that in the psyche the idea which lies closest to another idea is its opposite, as for example the idea that lies closest to long is short : to hot is cold: to white is black: to thick is thin: to fat is lean: to good is bad, etc., etc. The same principle is involved also in actions.

Here are some new design visuals that I did last week. I can admit that my modelling skills are good enough to take sketches and develop them into plausible designs. The only time consuming aspect is the visual process of thinking like a photographer and a set designer, as the models need to be placed in a scene to enhance its existence. Here, one is dealing with composition, form, light and color. Fortunately, there are a lot of visual references available but it is not always easy, due to the issues of matching the lighting to a particular product. Further practice should allow for improvements.

Samar_B_chair Samar_H_chair Samar_Block SeriesThanks and enjoy. 🙂

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