Put the Bunny, back in the Box!

Kamusta ( Hello in Aklan )

‘human society tends to restrict influence and leadership to minds of a certain type, and that these minds tend to have special and characteristic defects. Thus human affairs are in general under the direction of a class of thought that is not merely not the best of which the mind is capable, but tends to certain characteristic fallacies and toi certain characteristic kinds of blindness and’ incapacity.


Here are some new exterior visuals, following a somewhat comedic experience of applying character cutouts, to the over blown, inaccurate impressions of sculptures by Jeff Koon. Generally, when working for big architectural firms, they tend to apply art and sculpture by their social contemporaries in their images. Think of it as the upper class helping each other out, while pitching their own works to clients. I am not much of a fan of applying people in images, something that never really interests me, but clients prefer to see the whole interaction, between the construction and the people. In one of the images, I used Autodesks populate tool, although the realism in the characters are to be questioned, the time-saving contribution is invaluable.

Samar_Ext3_May_2015 Samar_Ext2_May_2015Samar_Ext1_May_2015

Made usings 3dsmax and Photoshop.

Here is a quick photoshop edit.

Samar_Ext3_May_2015 v2

Thanks and Enjoy 🙂

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