Black Space

Gude ( Hello in Tok Pisin )

 the brain in which the impulses are overstrong will again show its emotional lack of balance in every field. In short, there are minds which are born slow or stupid or brutal or excitable or lazy or quaint or reckless or dull—and in every one of such minds a certain chance for crime is given^ But to be born with a mind .which by its special stupidity or carelessness or vehemence gives to crime an easier foothold than the average mind certainly does not mean to be a born criminal. The world is full of badly balanced or badly associating persons ; we cannot deny that nature provided them poorly in the
struggle for social existence; they are less fit than others, but their ending within prison walls
is only one of the many dangers which he has in store for them ; the same unfit apparatus may make
them unable to gain a position or to have friends or to protect themselves against disease. In short,
it is not criminals that are ” born,” but men with poorly working minds. And yet who will say where
a mind is just of the right kind? No brain works perfectly—what intelligence and what temperament
would be ideal? ” All the world is peculiar.”

Here are some organic furniture designs that I have been working on lately. I went for the Black and gold mix to give the impression of luxury and mystery. Also, in terms of the  manufacturing process, these forms would probably look similar to this in terms of material. Hope you enjoy them.

samar_sculpure chair 1 add noise removing bandingsamar_sculpure chair 2samar_sculpure chair 3  Thanks 🙂

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