Come – Play with me


Here are some images I did for CatalyticAction, they are an NGO, and their aim is to build a playground for Syrian Refugee Children in one of the camps in Lebanon. Some how, this also coincides with the latest Amnesty international report in both the independent and the Guardian, which I quote ”

Amnesty International report claims more than 50 million refugees now displaced in ‘worst crisis seen since WWII’ “It accused leaders of having abandoned millions to “an unbearable existence” while leaving thousands more to die by failing to provide basic human protections to people fleeing their homes”

It is quite a sad predicament to what the human race has ventured into. I think the worst cases are the general ignoble comments I hear on the radio and in real life conversations. Although, a self-aware human can easily see the absurdness and selfish nature that is prevalent without due thought. I am not proclaiming my own holiness, as, all I did was make a few images, but when doing a particular project, one gets immersed into a new perspective where the human self gets a tiny nudge of reality and a questionable thought of their actual purpose in existence.

  The first four images are the final versions, from the 3d Sketchup model they had provided and I did the rest of the usual, visual representation aspects. I think I have mentioned this before, I am not a fan of putting people in images, as I find it very time-consuming, especially, if the characters are area specific and the availability of images that are free of copyright. Hence, I decided to go for a sketch method, which I think works well.


samar View 1_kids

samar View 3_kids

samar View 2_kids

samar View 5_kids

Prior Version.

These images, I did prior to getting the actual 3d model, I eyeballed one of their sketches and created something similar, although the dimensions were incorrect, as the play ground was too large for the area specified. And the children are super small. 🙂

samar View 4_kids

Catalyticaction_2k Aerial View_by Samar 1

Thanks and enjoy. 🙂

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