Ignore the Storm Trooper.

Mālō e lelei – ( hello in Tongan )

 “When thieves disagree the truth will come out.”

If one looks back to an earlier post, they may have seen a similar image and one must be wondering as to why another repetition. I will explain the reason for such and that the idea was to take an existing illustration and impress upon it a few building designs with a variant of light and a new camera view. As one can see, this methodology allows one to engage more in the design process, as opposed to concentrating on the minor aspect, that being the surrounding build environment.  I did not attempt a pure conceptual design, but rather a subtle and realistic approach to what could be constructed, as the mass form is just a large cube. The structures could be an Art gallery, Museum, office building to a residential complex. We also notice that this method allows an infinite variable of envisaging structural aesthetics, Although, there were a few designs, that just did not suit the view, which is another interesting factor, that could be discussed for future related posts.

Hope you enjoy them. Thanks.


samar_design 1 Samar_design 9 Samar_design 8 Samar_design 5 Samar_design 4 Samar_design 2Samar_design 7 Samar_design 6 Samar_design 3

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