Drag me to the line.

Peace on to you all.

The child’s need of conflict is from a desire not to exterminate his competitor, but to overcome him and to have his own superiority acknowledged. The boy desires to be somebody; but being somebody is to him a social achievement. And though there is temptation to pervert justice, to try to get the decision when you have not really furnished the proof, there is also a motive against such procedure. The person whom you really and finally want to convince is yourself.
Your deepest desire is to beat the other boy, not merely to seem to beat him. By playing unfairly and forcing decisions in your own favor, you may possibly cheat the others, but you cannot cheat yourself.

Here are a few images I have been working on. I do realise its another race!, however, recently I have been interested in modelling vehicles but I shall  finish off my other architectural pieces for the next show and tell. I have included one before image to show the difference between the first point and the end result. Everything is made using 3d and 2d software. Thank you. Samar car further out Samar dragracingSamar car clos up before samar dragThanks and enjoy. 🙂


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