The Red Lamp

Moin / Guundach  ( hello in Frisian (North) )

Too much of anything becomes unpleasant, not just because the audience protests that “we’ve
seen this before,”

The following images are a continuation of my previous post, where I had highlighted the exercise of imitating photographs to produce realistic 3d visuals. It practically boils down to creating complex  material in 3dsmax. Of course, there are other aspects, which I will touch and explain on the next projects. I am sure, the readers can see, that the first two images came out very well, however, the last image, does not live up to the standards of what is above it. This, I assume is partly due to poor choice of the chair and few weak materials in the scene. I did try another a different camera angle, but that too failed, therefore this needs more work. I do hope you enjoy these and I am off to experiment and try to get better results for the next project.




Close up



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