Blind scents.

Oro, oro, oro   ( in Zia )

“A women who doesn’t wear perfume has no future. Coco Chanel

Now don’t all go rushing to buy perfume!!, I only used it to relate to the current piece. To be fair all of us should try and smell nice. :). But if you really want to rush these guys do good deals on them. Click me  🙂

This piece was a submission for the contest running at Ermilia, unfortunately I finished it before the age was posted. They wanted a female with a blind fold as it relates to a book they have written. But I am happy with this piece as I only spent a few hours. (Referenced of course.) For the rest, I wanted to see how it would look as a perfume advert. Btw the face has been changed to the one submitted, this one looks younger by a few years. Enjoy 🙂

chanel cocococococc

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