Neo Hoi  ( hello in Cantonese )

Although pleasure is the greatest good, not every pleasure is worth choosing.  We may instead avoid certain pleasures when, by doing so, we avoid greater pains.  We may also choose to accept pain if, by doing so, it results in greater pleasure.  So while every pleasure is naturally good, not every pleasure should be chosen.  Likewise, every pain is naturally evil, but not every pain is to be avoided.  Only upon considering all consequences should we decide.  Thus, sometimes we might regard the good as evil, and conversely: the evil as good. Epicurus

Below are some images that I recently did, testing materials and light. The gallery one was practically a few hours, the only let down was, the rendering time. But that’s the downside with all visualisations. I added a close up of the gallery wall, as I had to down scale the images. One thing I was impressed with, was the clarity of detailing on the wall.  The Cherner chairs and table took a while, especially modelling and uvmapping, as I had to make three different versions!.

Clear to enlarge and hope you enjoy them. Thanks.

Box gallery 2 Samar  Box gallery 1 Samar

Cherner Samar

gnBox gallery closeup Samar

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