Series – Curiosity

Bon die! Salute! ( greeting in Interlingua  )

This we will understand when we realise that the dream is an excursion into the world of phantasy, the world of unreality, the world where the pleasure motive dominates. Now the pleasure motive as we have seen is opposed to the reality motive. Therefore if it is to come upon the stage and play its part it can only do so under the penalty of wearing a more or less complete disguise. The function of the dream is, in part at least, to conserve sleep. And so the play of the pleasure motive must be sufficiently disguised so as not to awaken the dreamer. The pleasure motive, it will be seen, has been repressed as the reality motive has come to the foreground, and therefore it is the repressed expressions of the pleasure motive
that come forward to expression in the dream. In other words the dream is wish-fulfilling, as we have
seen, and it also contains, as a rule, the expression of some mental fact which in the waking life has been

Curiosity An unusual or interesting object or fact.  These are a series of furniture designs that I have been working on last week. I went for three different material and interior settings, quite a challenging task, but the gold one did come out as planned. Consider it as the gravity changes within the scene and everything get more life within that context.

Do let me know your thoughts regarding the designs. More to follow soon.




Thanks and enjoy. 🙂

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