Confusion of the Sane

aloha!.The works below started of as a study exercise to practice fabric painting. And then… I got carried away!. Some variations to see which ones stand out. Unfortunately I do not have any words today. So I guess I’ll let the images do the talking. Can they talk? yes? how? listen to them speeeaakk 🙂

All images were painted from reference. The same old story. Scaling and small file sizes for quick viewing makes the images lose quality. Actually file sizes are around errr, WHAT! yes! exactly! %^$^&$&$ 🙂

Click on the images to enlarge.

The process sheet below. Yes those are birdies, tweet the tweeters. I did plan to add them but it just was not working. I’ll save them for future work. Darn .gif images take more bandwidth then .jpgs.

( darn its not working – will fix it )

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