Molweni ( Hello in Xhosa ).

Why did the American Indians never adopt European civilization?, because their immense pride kept them from considering themselves inferior to Anglo-Americans.” Therefore, imitation stems from either believing in someone else´s superiority over you or accepting that their way is superior. But why imitate, if your own ideology has no fault.

I am adding a mix of work again, continuing from my previous exercise, however, this time, limited to two style, Photography and Drawing. Quite a few here, Hope you enjoy them. Thanks.

Samar bnw_Asamar 2014_8Samar bnw_Csamar 2014_1Samar bnw_esamar 2014_4Samar bnw_fsamar 2014_5Samar bnw_BAsamar 2014_6

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